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Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

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What’s in your purse? Bandages and bananas? What’s in my purse? Bandages maybe, but even bananas would be rare for mine. Yet I find my kids going through it all the time. Your kids will have much more fun discovering what is in this Mama’s Purse! Full of fun, adventure, and rhyming words! It’s just as much fun to read as it is for them to listen and see the pictures! There are so many fun surprises you will never guess what is next!

Mama’s Purse by AJ Irving is a cute little book that takes readers on a fun adventure of discovering what is in Mama’s purse. Our kids really enjoyed the fun illustrations and the unpredictable surprises that came with each page! I love the use of rhyming in Mama’s Purse. Between the rhyming and great illustrations we really enjoy Mama’s Purse! Our kids love pointing out the different things as I read them. They think Mama’s Purse is so fun and silly! Mama’s Purse is definitely a fun, family-friendly book!

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