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Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

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Mama’s Purse celebrates a soaring and vivid imagination. Author A.J. Irving takes the reader on a magical ride inside of Mama’s Purse where you will find more than just breath mints, pens, tissue, and band-aids (not that those items are in MY purse! *ahem*). As you turn each page, you will discover something wilder and wackier each time. From bassoons and goons to a plane and chow mein there are plenty of opportunities for young children to expand their minds and vocabulary.

Along with the wildly creative animals, food, actions, objects, and concepts in the book come some bright, colourful, computer-generated illustrations. I think young children would really be drawn to the images and could spend considerable time perusing them.

The book features rhyming verse and for the most part, the rhyming is really good, but there are a few spots that perhaps lack some cadence. This becomes more noticeable when you try to read it out loud to children and you stumble over words trying to keep the rhythm going. Overall though, it’s very well done.

My Bottom Line: Overall, this is a creative and fun book to read to young children. It also opens up a discussion to stretch children’s imagination by asking “What would you find in YOUR Mama’s Purse?” The wackier, the better! This is a sweet little picture book that I think young children (aged 2 to 5) would enjoy reading with their parents (especially with Mama!)

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