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AJ received a B.A. in Journalism and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Oregon. Her first children’s picture book, Mama’s Purse, has won local and national awards. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, two children, and a Weimaraner named Charlie Blue.

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Book Reviews · Mama's Purse Blog Tour

Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

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What’s in your purse? Bandages and bananas? What’s in my purse? Bandages maybe, but even bananas would be rare for mine. Yet I find my kids going through it all the time. Your kids will have much more fun discovering what is in this Mama’s Purse! Full of fun, adventure, and rhyming words! It’s just as much fun to read as it is for them to listen and see the pictures! There are so many fun surprises you will never guess what is next!

Mama’s Purse by AJ Irving is a cute little book that takes readers on a fun adventure of discovering what is in Mama’s purse. Our kids really enjoyed the fun illustrations and the unpredictable surprises that came with each page! I love the use of rhyming in Mama’s Purse. Between the rhyming and great illustrations we really enjoy Mama’s Purse! Our kids love pointing out the different things as I read them. They think Mama’s Purse is so fun and silly! Mama’s Purse is definitely a fun, family-friendly book!

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Book Reviews · Mama's Purse Blog Tour

Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

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Mama’s Purse celebrates a soaring and vivid imagination. Author A.J. Irving takes the reader on a magical ride inside of Mama’s Purse where you will find more than just breath mints, pens, tissue, and band-aids (not that those items are in MY purse! *ahem*). As you turn each page, you will discover something wilder and wackier each time. From bassoons and goons to a plane and chow mein there are plenty of opportunities for young children to expand their minds and vocabulary.

Along with the wildly creative animals, food, actions, objects, and concepts in the book come some bright, colourful, computer-generated illustrations. I think young children would really be drawn to the images and could spend considerable time perusing them.

The book features rhyming verse and for the most part, the rhyming is really good, but there are a few spots that perhaps lack some cadence. This becomes more noticeable when you try to read it out loud to children and you stumble over words trying to keep the rhythm going. Overall though, it’s very well done.

My Bottom Line: Overall, this is a creative and fun book to read to young children. It also opens up a discussion to stretch children’s imagination by asking “What would you find in YOUR Mama’s Purse?” The wackier, the better! This is a sweet little picture book that I think young children (aged 2 to 5) would enjoy reading with their parents (especially with Mama!)

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Book Reviews · Mama's Purse Blog Tour

Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

Lexi_ad167 What is in a mom’s purse? I decided I ought to clean mine out today just to find out. I discovered AWANA awards, legos, earrings, dollhouse people, pieces to some paper dolls, bandaids, a picture drawn by my daughter, two blocks, one matchbox car, and several crayons. There were far more reminders of motherhood than personal items. Not that I mind….

We had the chance to review a book about all the things that might be found inside a mom’s purse in the book Mama’s Purse by AJ Irving.

This book is a rhyming, possibly exaggerated, list of all the fantastic things that might be found in your purse. You could find a raccoon, a tiny typhoon, and a family of fireflies in June. Or you might discover a hare, a purple square, and a balloon filled with hot air. You never know what you could pull from Mama’s Purse!

My kids enjoyed this book and laughed at the outrageous and silly things found in Mama’s Purse. A pianist? An ice rink? A pod of dolphins? They also enjoyed coming up with additional silly and rhyming items that they thought should be found in Mama’s Purse.

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Book Reviews · Mama's Purse Blog Tour

Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

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What does it take to write a book for children that keeps them engaged? Well, bright, colorful illustrations help. Goofiness is always a plus around here. Silly rhyming words and lots of giggles. Well, Mama’s Purse has them all!

This sweet little book written by A.J. Irving and illustrated by Rick Thomson is just right for your preschoolers or early readers. It takes the reader into the Great Dark Hole of Mama’s Purse, to explore what’s in there. And you’ll be surprised by what you find– everything from the tooth fairy to curvy-wurvy, swervy, sliver stairs!

Sean’s favorite parts were the caboose made of juice and the moose drinking the caboose. Sean (6) gave Mama’s Purse a thumbs up, for sure. I don’t think it will be too long before he’s reading it himself. Or has it memorized. Either way… he likes it.

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Book Reviews · Mama's Purse Blog Tour

Mama’s Purse Blog Tour Book Review

100_4317Mama’s Purse, written by AJ Irving and illustrated by Rick Thomson is a charming little book that will be sure to delight young readers. Written in rhyme, each page reveals a silly combination of things that you can find in a mama’s purse, from a caboose made of juice to a goat with an orange goatee. So cute!

We love books at our house. For our younger kids we especially love ones that foster creativity, make us giggle and get asked to be read again and again. Mama’s Purse is such a book. My 6 year old son really liked this book and wanted to read it over and over again. With the exception of a few longer words, he was also able to read much of it alone once he had heard it a few times. Bonus! The bright, colorful and imaginative illustrations capture younger children’s interest are just plain fun to look at. I would encourage you to pick up a copy to share with the children in your life!

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