Charlie Blue Gets Attacked

Two weeks ago, our sweet Charlie Blue was attacked. It was a scary experience, but we are thankful that she is healthy, happy, and just as sweet as she’s always been.

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IMG_20131116_144151Two weeks ago the unimaginable happened. Something happened that that we never thought about, and certainly never worried about. Two weeks ago, our sweet Charlie Blue was attacked by an off leash dog.

My husband, Ian, took Charlie for a walk in the evening on the Greenbelt, which is a path that runs along the Boise River. He took her to one of our favorite spots by the river—a spot that we often fish at with our two young children. A jogger came to this spot with her off leash dog. Charlie was on leash. Ian said it happened so fast, and before he knew it the other dog was on Charlie’s back. Charlie didn’t fight back. Ian had to kick the other dog to get it off of her.

It was dark by the time Ian and Charlie returned home. We didn’t realize how serious her injuries were until…

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6 thoughts on “Charlie Blue Gets Attacked

  1. I hope you feel better soon Charlie Blue and after the vet removed the staples you can forget this bad adventures. It happened to us too and I was afraid too that this attack could change Easy. But fortunately he is still friendly and nice when he meets other dogs. Paws are crossed for a speedy recovery :o)

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