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Lexi_ad167 What is in a mom’s purse? I decided I ought to clean mine out today just to find out. I discovered AWANA awards, legos, earrings, dollhouse people, pieces to some paper dolls, bandaids, a picture drawn by my daughter, two blocks, one matchbox car, and several crayons. There were far more reminders of motherhood than personal items. Not that I mind….

We had the chance to review a book about all the things that might be found inside a mom’s purse in the book Mama’s Purse by AJ Irving.

This book is a rhyming, possibly exaggerated, list of all the fantastic things that might be found in your purse. You could find a raccoon, a tiny typhoon, and a family of fireflies in June. Or you might discover a hare, a purple square, and a balloon filled with hot air. You never know what you could pull from Mama’s Purse!

My kids enjoyed this book and laughed at the outrageous and silly things found in Mama’s Purse. A pianist? An ice rink? A pod of dolphins? They also enjoyed coming up with additional silly and rhyming items that they thought should be found in Mama’s Purse.

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What's in Mama's Purse?

What’s in Mama’s Purse?

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A Place For Everything, And Everything In It's Place…or not.

I got the idea to write “Mama’s Purse” from my mom. When I was growing up, she always had EVERYTHING you’d ever need in her purse. Our family teased her and said that she had everything except the kitchen sink in her purse. Now that I’m a mama, I have everything in my purse too! I adore this post on the Growing My Olives blog by a mother of three young children. It really is amazing how much stuff a mama can fit in her purseā€¦ and it ALL comes in handy. “A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place…or Not” is sure to give you a good laugh…especially if you’re a mama.