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Making memories for a lifetime……..

It is not hard to come up stories from when we were kids. They are often indelibly etched on our psyche. These are those moments in time we visit (sometimes willingly, and sometimes unwillingly) from our childhood. We remember them when something triggers the on-button, and it can be anything; a sound, a smell, an event. We may not be able to conjure up this same emotional archived moment at-will; however, it is stored in our subconscious. Other times we can remember by choice. I will never bite into an apple without taking a journey back in time–to our front-porch. I was about four years old, and there was a basket of apples on the front stoop. I reached down and took a bite, chewed, swallowed, and then saw the half-of-a-worm crawling on into the apple. How can I remember that event? I was only three or…

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Charlie Blue

Four Seasons For Charlie Blue

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Charlie Blue has a preference

I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, but my husband and I lived in Eugene, Oregon for over ten years. We missed having four seasons. There are two seasons in Eugene: rain and no rain. We are back in Boise and enjoying four seasons again. We have discovered that Charlie Blue has weather preferences as well. She loves warm summer days (who doesn’t? :)), DOES NOT like rain, is very intrigued by snow, and is absolutely crazy about playing on clear, brisk days in the fall. So, I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t get her when we lived in Eugene lol. I’ve included a collage of photos of Charlie playing in a field near our house during one of her favorite seasons: fall. I will send winter pictures when we have our next snow 🙂

Breeder’s Note:OwyheeStar sees…

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Charlie Blue’s First Summer

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Charlie Blue had a fantastic summer. We took her fishing, swimming, camping, and canoeing. We also took her to Oregon to visit family and friends.IMAG4548-1-1 We learned how well she gets along with other dogs even when they don’t warm up to her right away.

IMAG4558-1She does well in the water, but if she gets into deep water she panics a little and tries to climb onto the closest person. I was hoping she would go dock diving with the rest of the family, but she didn’t want to. Maybe next time 🙂IMAG4560-1-1

IMAG4672-1We were amazed at how well Charlie Blue did on her first canoe ride. She is angel when the whole family is in the canoe. It was a completely different experience when my husband took her fishing by himself. She paced back and forth, she barked, and she jumped out several times. I guess she does…

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Featured Weimaraner — Charlie Blue

From dinner time to tubby time, our Weim never ceases to amaze us…

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Full of Surprises

581915_10201077028348895_449730690_nCharlie Blue has definitely developed a different relationship with each member of our family. IMAG3867-1-1She is buddy-buddy and gentle with our fourteen-month-old daughter. IMAG3911-1-1She is rowdy and always wants to play with our five-year-old son (he often gets her riled up and doesn’t enjoy the consequences—jumping and nipping). She listens to and respects my husband the most. IMAG3937-1-1-1She is calm and relaxed around Grandad. And she snuggles with me in the evening after she is worn out.IMAG3925-1

Only thing is for certain—she surprises all of us. We thought the angel food cake was far enough back on the counter that Charlie couldn’t reach it. Boy, were we wrong. Poof! Angel food cake gone, just like that. One night, after I finished drying Charlie off from her bath she escaped down the hallway to the bathroom and jumped back in the tub. I took her out and dried…

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Charlie Blue · Mama's Purse Book Tour · Weimaraner

Featured Weimaraner — Charlie Blue

We have been very busy welcoming the newest member of our family–little miss Charlie Blue! I do have several book signing events coming up. In fact, there is one tomorrow (Saturday, April 6th) at the Fairview & Cole Hastings in Boise. I will be signing copies of Mama’s Purse from 4-8 pm. Come down and color a Mama’s Purse coloring sheet with me! I also have free bookmarks and maroon balloons for the kiddos 🙂 Hope to see you there!

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Charlie Blue is doing better than we expected!

Our sweet little Charlie Blue has settled right in at her new home. She loves to play with the kids and her toys, especially her pink bird. 🙂 Crate training and potty training are going better than we expected. She fussed the first few days when we put her in the crate, but she doesn’t throw a fit anymore. 🙂 We put bells by the front door to help with potty training.


Charlie Blue loves her human siblings!

Our five-year-old son enjoys helping with training and taking her for walks around our yard. Our one-year-old daughter isn’t crazy about doggy kisses yet, but we’re sure she’ll come around.IMAG3284-1-1

Two babies keep me busy!

IMG_20130330_164514The baby and the puppy keep me on my toes because they both want to put everything in their mouths! We are working on limiting her puppy biting and…

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