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Holiday Shopping With Humor

My husband gets grumpy at the end of November to the beginning of January every single year. Budgeting for holiday expenses and planning what to purchase for the family stresses him out. Shopping with him is no fun. No fun at all. This year started out the same way. We searched the children’s clothing section and the toy aisle with frowny faces picking up stuff and putting it back. It always takes forever to make decisions.

Toys seem to get more and more bizarre every year.

At least Cabbage Patch dolls haven’t changed that much.


On the other hand, My Little Pony looked very different in 1987.


Half doll/half My Little Pony?


I can’t wait for the vampire craze to be over. Oh wait, I thought that already happened. Guess not.


More creepy.


But what we saw next would completely change our Christmas shopping experience. We laughed to tears. Laughed until our bellies ached. Other shoppers probably thought we were insane, but we didn’t care. We laughed hysterically together in the middle of the toy aisle for a long time. And it felt great.

The mood changer.


“So, should we get Mason that Lego set, and the Minnie Mouse thing for Sophie?” Ian asked.

“Yes,” I said. “And some books.”


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