Juke Box Hero


This is my first year participating in Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). PiBoIdMo is a writing challenge that encourages picture book writers to develop 30 picture book ideas in 30 days.

My son, Mason, and my daughter, Sophie Ann, inspire me every day. What they say and do keep my writing flame burning bright.


  • PiBoIdMo Day 1: I completed my first PiBoIdMo idea with ease and worked side-by-side with my six-year old son on some art projects.

This is what I created.

2014-11-01 14.58.05

Mason made this.


I think it’s pretty clear he is the artist in our family! My favorite part about this project was his explanation of his color choices. “Brown is boring, Mom. Red is my favorite color.” He also let his little sister design the roof :).

Tiny moments in our days have triggered some pretty surprising and fun picture book ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a car ride with music playing on the radio to spark a new idea. I never would have imagined a song by Foreigner would lead to a manuscript idea.

  • PiBoIdMo Day 2: Mason sang “Juke Box Hero” with such gusto, but the best part was his version of the lyrics. Boom. PiBoIdMo idea #2 was born.

My friend keeps a journal of all the funny things his daughters say. I think I am going to start doing this as well. Mason and Sophie have certainly said some hilarious things that I wish I would have written down. Oh! I just thought of one! Mason passed gas at the dinner table one night. “Excuse me,” he said, “my butt is making music.” I don’t think I will turn that one into a picture book, but it still makes me chuckle.

On a sweeter note, he put his head to my chest one time and said, “I can hear your heart, Mom. It’s pumping love.”




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