Charlie Blue is a busy girl

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Charlie Blue is One Year Old!20140321_173045

Hi Shela and Cliff!

Here’s a little update with a bunch of photos …

Charlie Blue’s first birthday was in February. We can’t believe our baby Weim is already one! She is still best buds with our two-year-old daughter. They play together so well 🙂

Our six-year-old son has decided that he wants to be a police officer and he wants Charlie to be his K-9 police dog 🙂

Some of Charlie’s favorite activities are chasing leaves blowing in the wind, going down slides with the kids at the park, retrieving softballs, bringing home the biggest sticks she can find on our walks, and trying to play with the cats (they are never interested).

I love you; where did you go? I love you; where did you go?

We love her so much! We are excited for another summer of camping, fishing, and canoeing with our best pal—Charlie Blue.

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