Mama's Purse

Cyber Monday Sale!

Mama's Purse

I noticed that online sites have my children’s picture book, Mama’s Purse, on sale for Cyber Monday. Amazon and Barnes and Noble, for example, have Mama’s Purse listed at 15% off today.
Barnes and Noble:

It is difficult to make quick changes to the price of my book on my website, so I decided to create an Etsy account and have a 25% off sale just for today!

Get a personalized copy of Mama’s Purse for the little readers in your life this holiday season. Welcome to the AJsChildrensBooks Etsy Shop:

I am excited about adding imagination posters, bookmarks, and magnets to the shop soon. So, be sure to visit again!

Read today and every day to come because reading is so much fun!

Best wishes,



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