Author Visit

Pierce Park Elementary Author Visit


I did my first author visit at an elementary school today. To be honest, I was pretty nervous. I always get anxious when I speak in front of a group of people. But really, what could be so terrifying about addressing a class of kindergarteners? I’ve done countless book signings, so this should be a piece of cake, right? For one thing, I know this age group can catch you off guard with outrageous questions and comments. I know this first hand because my son is five years old and he was actually in the class that I spoke to today.

I was immediately put at ease when I sat down in the kiddo-sized chair and looked at my son, Mason. He was bursting with pride. I looked around the room at the other children and I couldn’t help but notice their expressions of wonder. As I explained what it was like to be a children’s author, I could tell these kids thought I was pretty special. When I started reading my book, 22 pairs of eyes popped wide with excitement and curiosity. As I turned each page, they smiled and laughed, oohed and aahed.

Then came the part I had been dreading: the question period.

They asked me a few questions like:

“How long have you been an author?” and “How long did it take you to write your book?”

But mostly, they wanted to share things with me:

“I love horses. Have you ever been to the horse races?”
“I made my own book with my mom.”
“I really like your book.”
“My name is London. I’m Mason’s best friend.”
“Mrs. Irving, you should write a book about cats!”
“My dad works at a tire store.”
“I want to be an author.”

After this very interesting conversation, the kids colored Mama’s Purse coloring sheets and I gave them each a bookmark. I am so proud of their artwork!


Now that I have one author visit under my belt, I can’t wait to do more! I left the school feeling completely content and inspired about future opportunities to get kiddos excited about books.


Read today and every day to come because reading is so much fun!

Best wishes,



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