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Charlie Blue’s First Summer

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Charlie Blue had a fantastic summer. We took her fishing, swimming, camping, and canoeing. We also took her to Oregon to visit family and friends.IMAG4548-1-1 We learned how well she gets along with other dogs even when they don’t warm up to her right away.

IMAG4558-1She does well in the water, but if she gets into deep water she panics a little and tries to climb onto the closest person. I was hoping she would go dock diving with the rest of the family, but she didn’t want to. Maybe next time 🙂IMAG4560-1-1

IMAG4672-1We were amazed at how well Charlie Blue did on her first canoe ride. She is angel when the whole family is in the canoe. It was a completely different experience when my husband took her fishing by himself. She paced back and forth, she barked, and she jumped out several times. I guess she does…

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