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What does it take to write a book for children that keeps them engaged? Well, bright, colorful illustrations help. Goofiness is always a plus around here. Silly rhyming words and lots of giggles. Well, Mama’s Purse has them all!

This sweet little book written by A.J. Irving and illustrated by Rick Thomson is just right for your preschoolers or early readers. It takes the reader into the Great Dark Hole of Mama’s Purse, to explore what’s in there. And you’ll be surprised by what you find– everything from the tooth fairy to curvy-wurvy, swervy, sliver stairs!

Sean’s favorite parts were the caboose made of juice and the moose drinking the caboose. Sean (6) gave Mama’s Purse a thumbs up, for sure. I don’t think it will be too long before he’s reading it himself. Or has it memorized. Either way… he likes it.

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