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Book Review: Mama’s Purse by AJ Irving

Here’s a wonderful review of Mama’s Purse.

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In the world of publishing and marketing I do not see much difference in the obstacles of adult books, youth books, or children’s books. The main obstacle I do see is in the buying power. Children do not have money to spend besides what comes from their parents. Ipso Facto the parent has to be convinced the book for their child is worth the money. Also, children’s books are more likely to be destroyed by over-eager page turning, being left under a pile of goo, tossed to and fro, and don’t forget the replacement for a teething toy, or their need to make their own additions to the book.

When a child gets hooked on reading and books even before the teething phase their educational journey statistically is more successful. Children’s picture books are also where either an illustration artist will either shine or flop. In the case of all…

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