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Letter from AJ

IMG_20130223_203901Idaho Book Signing MapLast weekend I traveled to Weiser for my first book signing with the Idaho Authors’ Community. An IAC member recently commented about how our group was so much different from other writers’ groups. “We have heart,” she said. I really saw this in action in Weiser. There was no sense of competition. We encouraged each other and promoted each other’s books. We made sales for authors who couldn’t be present at the signing and had engaging conversations with locals. It was truly a community effort with a whole lot of heart.

A bit about Weiser:

Weiser is a rural community with a population of a little over 5,500 located in southwest Idaho. This small town in Washington County (shaded purple on the map) takes pride in their sense of community. The Welcome to Weiser Sign says, “We love our kids, our community, and our country.” Weiser is the home of the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest and Festival. Visit the website to listen to some fantastic fiddling, read about the history of fiddling in the US, and get ticket information. The National Oldtime Fiddle Contest and Festival is always the third full week of June.

I look forward to visiting Weiser again. I had the best french dip I’ve ever had at the Homestead Café. I also bought fudge at Weiser Classic Candy, but my husband ate it all before I had a chance! I think another trip is in order. This time I will go during the fiddle festival and be sure to eat my sweets while I’m there.

The next IAC event/stop on the Mama’s Purse Book Tour is at the Lizard Butte Public Library from 1-4 pm in Marsing in Owyhee County (shaded yellow on the map).

Read today and every day to come because reading is so much fun!

Best wishes,



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